Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Project description
This project is a research about the morphology of a dragonfly and a glass sponge. It joins their structural behaviour and generates a structural element which is stronger than the standard produced construction.We know that that dragonfly wings and glass sponges in nature are generated by evolutionary processes involving aerodynamics, lightness, mechanical properties, composite performance, the smooth accumulation of organic material, and the active flow of blood-energy. These structures are governed by a different set of parameters including gravity, water flow and seismic loads, specific support locations and quality of those supports, flat material increments, and buckling failure, differences which lead to an unpredictable hybrid morphology. Seen in a larger context, this project contributes to the recent contemporary discourse on cellularity in architecture as a departure from pure cellularity toward a tectonic based on emerging structural hierarchies within rhythmic cellular fields.
The research is representing an investigation into Biomimicry and includes a development of a design method based on biomimetic principles. For this I used different software applications from rhino 3d modelling with Implicit and Explicit History (which makes Rhino partly parametric), combined with a script made in Rhino, as well as an analyse programme for improving and verify my explorations. The main task of my exploration was to find a shape or a system from nature which can be applied to architecture in a digital way and then use one of these explorations and developing a small project as far as possible in matter of time into the direction of mass customization, to show the potential of combining architecture and nature.


Brenda said...

What is that image under "united structure"?

It is extremely inspirational.

Saori the Whim said...

This is impressive. I can see how a designer gets ideas from something natural. Thank you.

Thiru said...

Hey Jurgen, is it possible to get these slides in higher resolutions?, So it is possible to read your very interesting project.

Any way thx for sharing this with us

nay haydamous said...

the project is inspired from the theorie of nanoarchitecture.. actually im doing some research about that subject.. im using it for my diploma project..
btw.. the site is really interesting.. the studies are innovative...

Anonymous said...

Really cool project! Do you have any more information on your design stratagies and process? Do you have any other projects with a similar design approach?

I am an architecture student at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. This fall I will be starting my masters degree and hope to explore the possible relationships between biology and architecture through emergence and scripting. Do you have any advice for a young architect in my position?

Nate Holland